Grace Hall
Kheng did an awesome job for our company. We had nine canvases we needed framed and he did an amazing job and was so quick! He came to consult with us and helped us a pick the right frame and kept me updated during the whole process. Would definitely recommend!
Emma Sorenson
I was very pleased with the framework that Kheng did! He did a beautiful professional job. I was on a tight deadline and he got it done in just a few days. The work was clean and neat and he was very kind and personable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for affordable and well made custom frames.
Hadley Griggs
I had an art piece that I loved, but I had never gotten it framed because it was a strange dimension and I didn't feel like I had time. It was in a cheap cardboard frame and it had been through several moves, so the cardboard was looking really chewed up and dirty, to the point where I didn't want to display the piece because it didn't look good. I finally realized that I would never get to see the art until I got it framed. When I showed Kheng the piece, he was more than willing to make the perfect frame for me—even after we realized that the piece had been taped to the cardboard and would be a difficult job to extract without damaging the art. When he delivered the final framed art to me, I couldn't BELIEVE how gorgeous it looked! He was able to remove the old frame without even a tear to the art, and the strange dimensions weren't a problem at all. I let him decide what kind of frame would look best for the piece, and I am overjoyed at the result—it matches the art perfectly, and the frame draws the eye to the art without distracting from the art itself. Overall, it's a perfect complement to the work itself and I can't believe I didn't get it framed sooner. I would recommend Kheng to ANYONE looking to frame something to make it look incredible! (I included a photo of the final framed art—I wish I had thought to take a photo "before" so everyone could see the difference, but trust me, it looked terrible!)
Seretta Hart
I have several of my grandmother’s paintings that I love having on display in my home. Before using Border and Square, I bought frames from shops that were as close as I could find to the right fit. One of them left a slight gap at the top of the painting and the other ended up being crooked. Additionally, they were only somewhat near the right shade and style. Border and Square not only created frames that are perfectly matched in style and shade, but also are so beautiful, the artistry creating a lovely display in my home. The design of the frames pulls from the paintings, creating a sense of completion rather than competition. The quality of work is excellent, very detail oriented and a flawless finish. Having Border and Square create custom frames for this art was a dream come true, displaying my grandmother’s art quite perfectly.
Brandon Wood
Very happy with my custom frame! The wood is GORGEOUS and the overall quality exceeded my expectations. The picture I used is very important to me and I'm so glad I trusted Border & Square with it... the finished product couldn't be more beautiful. Thank you!